Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's day classic. Laughed. Cried. Inspired.

This mother's day i did something i never would have thought possible.

I did something i never would have dreamed of doing.

I did something i MAY possibly have THOUGHT about doing (but just the walk) but never actually done!

Normally mother's day would be a lazy day at home. Or a trip to the coffee shop. For cake.

Instead this mother's day i did something that showed me how amazing people are! It showed me how strong i can be ... And how all i have to do is send my mind to another place to get the job done.

And that people everywhere are amazing

Today i ran the 8km mother's day classic. And look who was there in brisbane with us!!

The mother's day classic is a fun run held all over australia on mother's day to raise awareness and money to kick breast cancer's butt. I mean thousands of us. Ten's of thousands of us at each event.

This was my view of the start line. There were almost 3000 of us and that was just the 8k race!

Right up until the morning I didn't think I would do this. I had been sick. I hadn't trained. My last few runs were terrible. My mind was winning ... all I wanted to do was quit.

But I kept reminding myself ... all I had to do was run. I didn't have to do chemo. I didn't have to break the news to my family. I didn't have to try to remain strong when my world was falling apart. I wasn't sick - or sore - or vomiting - or scared .... or worse .....

All I had to do was run.
And inspired by the energy in the crowd - and the stories that I heard ... I ran

I ran for Grandma.
I don't know who grandma is - but a sign letting me know the runner ahead of me loved and missed her kept me going the first two kms. All I did was listen to my music. And watch that sign. And wipe away the tears. I ran for grandma.

I ran for someone's mum. And to find a cure.
Throughout Km 4 I ran every step for my daughter. That when she is older - this disease will not hold the fear that it does today. That a cure will be found. That we will look back and know every dollar we raised - every step we took - would not have been wasted. I ran for a cure in her lifetime. But I also ran knowing that every step I took gave her a healthier mummy ... a mummy less at risk ... and a stronger mummy if this fight is ever my fight.I ran for our future together.
I ran for a dear 12wbt'ers loved one who is newly diagnosed with cancer. As in brand newly kick in the guts diagnosed. The news must still be knocking them to the ground. But I know this 12wbt friend. I know I have never seen anyone be as determined to regain their health as her. I know she fights and fights hard. I know she believes in good quality information ... and has the tools to find what is quality amongst the rumours out there when you deal with any health scare. I know she is a supporter. I know she is positive. I know she loves. And I know she is strong. So strong. And if my friend is all that ... I know her loved one will be ok. Because a family like that binds together ... They hold tight. And the strengths of each family member become your own weapons in the battle. My friend I ran for your loved one. Especially the 6th km. It was hurting - I was tired and my mind wanted to stop. But my heart was not going to let me. Listening to Christina's "Fighter" I ran for your loved one ... and with every step I willed my strength on the run to be your strength on the journey. Thank you. I ran this km with tears for you ... but I will remember it always. In your weakness today I found my strength. And I know you will too.

I ran for Mrs Arthur. How could I stop when I saw signs like these? They inspired me. They encouraged me. They gave my strength.

And look at this strength. Look at these people out to give cancer a swift kick! These people could have been at home. They could have been celebrating. But they were here.

I ran for my patient's. Those who are still suffering ... those winning the battle .... and those who are not.

I ran for those who can't.

I ran for those who want to be mother's ... but who cancer has stripped that dream away.

I ran because I could. And amongst the tears, and laughter it felt good.
It was an amazing run. It wasn't fast ... it was too crowded to be fast! And I was too busy laughing, and crying and waving ... and yelling out to those struggling how great they were doing. But it felt GOOD. It flowed. It was easy. I was running ... and having the time of my life!

What a way to spend mother's day! Celebrating such a joyous day! Because it WAS JOYOUS! It wasn't sad! It was a celebration of strength and love and HOPE! You could touch the joy!!!

And I got to hug Mish ... again....

And thank her. Lifechanging girl! Not only my life. Lifechanging.
I'm going to be paying it forward forever.

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  1. Kath, you are incredible. I'm definitely running next year x x

  2. as someone who lost their mum to breast cancer (14 years ago) .. i just wanted to say thankyou .. thankyou for running .. thankyou for this beautiful post .. you have brought tears to my eyes .. :)

  3. I have tear drops all over my top right now, what a beautiful post! The vibe of the Mother's Day Classic in Melbourne was just as inspiring, just as sad, just as hopeful...and I plan to participate again and again to keep supporting this most honourable of causes. And look at you hugging Mish! Lucky girl :)


  4. OK, that made me tear up too. What a wonderfully inspiring blog entry. Makes you feel lucky to be alive and able to do what we can do now. Good on you Kath!

  5. Wow you ran far!! You ARE inspiring!