Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fighting it out

You know what. Some days are just crappy.

Today was crappy and wonderful too.

It was wonderful cause i got to spend the day with my folks.

It wa crappy cause health concerns are happening to someone dear to us and we cant fix it.

I am running for cancer for a reason. I cant fix it. I cant stop it hitting our family where it hurts. I cant stop it hurting people i love as they try to support "j".

But i can run.

And today ... I can fight it out.

When i got home today i was angry. I was angry at stuff i cant fix. I was angry that i couldnt come in ... Give a hug and make it better. And for someone who believes knowledge is power, and that research is invaluable ... Cannot come in and find the right specialist, the right research journal and fix things.

So as i cried a few tears of frustration and anger, i grabbed my boxing gloves and the punching bag and started to fight it out.

Then this happened....

Miss 6 came out with the spare gloves.

And some hit pads.
And made me box with her.
And do burpees.
And squats.
And pushups.
And run.

She is going to be an awesome personal trainer one day.

And she made me laugh throughg the tears.


Thats the thing about family.

We cant always fix things ... But we can fight these things together.

And no matter what our age... We can love, support each other and make us smile through the tears.

Lesson learned.

(ps ... Please dont feel obligated to donate.... All our donation dollars have been stretched this year havent they. But ... As tax time nears if you would like to support my run ...the link is to the right

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  1. Kath, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this awful time. It's horrible because you feel frustrated and helpless and sad and guilty and all these other emotions at once and it's not totally not fair because this disease is just so horrid!!
    Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you need to feel and get your strength from wherever and whoever you can - Miss 6 sounds like she's an amazing girl and just what you need. Big hugs