Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's midnight

I can't sleep.

My mind is just overwhelmed at the love and support of my 12wbt family.

Complete strangers took me under their wings. They gave me directions, were in touch whenever I got lost, helped me around town ... And just made my day.

You all rock.

Much love xxx

We really are family xxx

Oh ... And if u are one of the oh so many people who met me and said "I read your blog" can you leave a comment? Please? I want to remember who you all are.

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  1. Hey Kath, I wasn't there but I just want to say 'I read your blog! And I looove it!'

    I will see you at the next finale though.. provided I am brave enough to overcome my demons!

  2. Hi Kath - I met you on the steps of our hotel (probably along with many others :-)) Wasn't it an amazing weekend - a lot of it a blur of which snippets keep flashing into my head. I love your blog, and love your comments on the forums - look forward to keeping in touch in Round 2.