Friday, May 20, 2011

I said it would be ugly ....

And ugly it was!!!

I hadn't put the work in.
I hadn't run in almost two weeks.
I was tired and still sore from pt.

But i did it.

I guess there are no more secrets in my country town. The whole running community was there. They know i am running now.
It's hilarious to look at my splits. I went out waaaaay toooo fast. It just felt SO good to be running again! But i slowed myself down so i would finish.

And in the end i was really happy with my time!!! Around about 32min. Definately faster.

And maybe if i find some consitency ... That elusive 30min for 5 k is in my reach this round.

It might have been ugly. Some parts might have hurt. But I made my mind shut up and my bldy keep going. I started this round as i mean to finish.

I am going to run this round as if i was a champion. Cause that's what we do.

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  1. I am so proud of you - getting out there running like the champion you are xxx

  2. That ain't ugly at all! Ugly is staying in bed and not turning up. Good on you!!

  3. Fantastic Kath - you are such an inspiration - not only for what you're achieving, but your honesty and willingness to share it with others. Hope you're enjoying a relaxing evening!