Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Outside my comfort zone.

It's no secret.

My core strength is horrible.

Problem is - it's also affecting my workouts.
Want to run more -> need a strong core.
Want to do full body push ups ->core
Heavy weights -> core
Full body pullup one day .... yep you guessed it - Core

So tonight I went to pilates. I avoided this class like the plague.
It barely burns any calories.
And it makes me tired.
And since I am lying down I want to sleep.

But I want to run.
I want to do full body push ups.
I want to do pullups.
I want to be strong.

And I'm a nurse. I need stable abs and a strong back.

So to pilates I went.

I still wanted to fall asleep.
I still wanted the hour to hurry up.
And I still had to convince myself I did NOT need to be running right now.

But I enjoyed it.
And I could feel it working.
And after one session and a lot of tips my situp test performance improved.

I'm going to go back - even if I have to pinch myself.

Every round Mish tells us to have a core strength day.
Every round I ignore her.

Seems she was right again.

Maybe I should just start to listen???

1 comment:

  1. Say it Kath: In Mish we Trust!

    lol My core is killing after my first ever L&S core day! My hardest workout ever!

    p.s. I don't even rate on the ab test.. big fat 0 for me!