Monday, May 16, 2011

Running for those who can't.

I still have so much to process from the weekend. And oh so much from the last round.

I have goals to evaluate. Emotions to process. Goals to plan.
My head is still overwhelmed.

But while I wait to do that ... I have a new goal.

In July I am running 10km in the Gold Coast marathon series. Remember in September last year I stopped 3 times to run my 1km time trial. I just did not have the fitness to run.

I know 10k is nothing compared to our marathoners in the challenge. Or our half marathoners. My body isn't ready for those distances yet. I'll leave the marathon to my husband.

But 10km will be a challenge. It will be an achievement. It will hurt and make me smile and cry all at once.

I want to pay it forward. Because of Michelle's I have added years to my life and life to my years.
I don't want to take that for granted.

I am running for those who can't.

This run I am fundraising for the cancer council. It's a cause close to my heart. I see patient's battle this disease every day. I cry with them, laugh with them and am astounded by their courage.

A family member is battling it as we speak.

And so are friends. And loved ones of those who have supported ME on my journey.

I am not going to forget I owe Michele a huge debt - so in her honour I am running this race for those who can't.

If this cause touches your heart ... if you have read my blog and maybe found something useful or inspiring ... or ridiculous ;) ... could you please consider helping me in this goal.

Even if it is just $1 (although $2 becomes a tax deduction ;) )

You can donate online at this page ... Everyday heros

Much love

Kath xxx

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