Saturday, May 21, 2011

Round two goals!

I found this task HARD this round.

Why? Not sure.
I think because I am at the stage that the easy goals have been reached. Any goals I set now are going to rely on stinking hard work.

And because I am fearful of setting the bar too low. I don't want to get to the end and think coulda shoulda woulda. I want to know I aimed high. And I reached the bar.

I think I'm going to set my goals a little differently this round. I am going to set 4 week, 8 week and 12 week goals. Goals I know I can nail. No excuses. Just have to do the work.

And then dream goals. I honestly don't know if they are possible this round. But I am going to work as if they are. Live this round as a champion. Let's see how far I can go.

Week 4 goals.

  • Run 5km at the pentath run and then 1500m with my girl *OK kinda cheating here - this happened the weekend before kickoff. But I had to JFDI to do it. So I'm counting it!

  • Keep my running training consistent. That means 3 sessions a week. Rain hail , shine. Busyness is not an excuse. So by week 4 - 12 runs on the board.

  • Lost 4kg. I need to lose some of what I've gained since Melbourne. So I'm aiming for 4. Very achieveable. Very doable. Just need to nail the nutrition

  • Attended a minimum of 4 pilates classes.

  • And done Mish's ab excercises 3 times a week. Totally 12 in 4 weeks. I need to strengthen my core.

  • Mini Milestone. King/Queen of the Toowoomba range. I want to run it. But run, walk or crawl home I will be happy. Just need to finish it.

Week 8 goals

  • To have lost 6kg all up this round. Yes I am still weight focussed.

  • Kept running consistent. Another 12 runs by week 8

  • Still consistently hitting goals for ab work and strength work

  • Do pushups on toes good form

  • Have tried something new. Rockclimbing? A class in Toowoomba? Bootcamp??

  • 10km Gold Coast Marathon!

Week 12 Goals

  • 10km at Jetty2Jetty

  • Running still consistent. Plus strength. Plus core work. This round is about consistency.

  • Sit up test. Level 3.

  • Do the pushups. At the final workout. On my toes. In good form. All of them.

  • Run the 14km of the City 2 surf in spirit with them ... even if I can't make the location

  • 10kg weight loss for the round

Dream Goals

  • To finish a half marathon. Run some walk some. Just get the job done

  • 5km under 30 min

  • 10km under an hour

  • Chin ups. Unassisted. One would be grand. Three would amaze me. 10 ... the big goal!

  • Go to the local boxing classes and get my behind kicked.

  • 12 month dream goal 5 runs. 1 weekend. 42.2km in total. Dreaming too big??? Maybe. Maybe not.

(PS - I reserve the right to update this list!! Still looking for opportunities!)

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