Friday, May 20, 2011

Here's some honesty for you ...

I have a fun run today.
I signed up for it forever ago.

It was meant to be the run that got me off with a huge BANG to the new round.

It's a local event. The Warwick pentath run (
5 races - totally a full marathon in distance

Today I am signed up for a 5k.
Tomorrow - a 1500m with my daughter - which has been my goal since I began this. To actually run with my daughter. Not it on the sidelines.

Well today - I don't want to run.
I am sore.
I am embarrassed about running in a town where people know me.
I am tired.
I havent run since (before) Melbourne
I have a headache.
My house is messy

So many excuses

This is why what Michelle speaks about is so important.
Don't think. Just do.
Robot mode.
Stop the paralysis by analysis.

It is also why the forums, twitter and facebook are so important. They are your support network.
The girls on twitter have had my back today.
They have given me encouragement. And a rather firm butt kicking.

Because of them - I am going. They are accountable.

If you are doing the program - get INVOLVED. Get into twitter ! Get into the forums. You cannot do it on your own!

We start together - we finish together. We are family

Racetime is in 90 min.
I am here in my skins (which really DO help with the soreness) and as ready as I can be.

Will it be fast?? No way.
Will it be ugly?? Yep.
But it will get done.

Cause that's the commitment I made

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