Friday, December 17, 2010

This week I will ...

Workout. Every day. It might be walking, (hey I broke my toe!), or weights at the gym but I WILL workout.

Listen to my podcasts. The preseason. Week one. I am going to work my mindsets.

I am going to plan. Where did I go wrong last time? How can I improve?

I am going to goal set. I have 4 weeks till preseason. I have 8 till week 1. I am going to use this time and make some BIG FAT GOALS and knock them down.

I will calorie count. Except Christmas Day. But I think that is officially next week.

I will prepack my days food. To reduce temptation.

I will weigh in on Wednesday. And re do my measurements. And post.

This week I will win

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