Saturday, December 18, 2010

A new fun ACTIVE family christmas tradition!

Every Christmas we go look at the Christmas lights! But this year - thanks to Mish Bridges and 12wbt I had the tools and ability to really enjoy them with my family this year!

Tonight we went out BY BIKE to see the Christmas lights! Two hours of riding ... a whole heap of fun ... and a 5 year old who is seeing being active as the best part of her day. And yes - even the bikes had solar powered strands of Christmas lights on them!

Tonight I was the FUN, ACTIVE mum I want to be. I loved it. My girl loved it. And I secretly think my hubby had a good time too.

THIS is one of my favourite Christmas memories for this year!

And a really bad after pic - self portrait style. Just to prove I was there. And because I wish I took more photos last challenge so better start now.

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