Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New big fat hairy goal achieved!

Today the sun was shining. Oh it did my heart good!

I knew two things today.

  1. I was going to run

  2. I was going to aim for a new personal best

Actually I knew a third thing. That I was struggling to force myself to get out there and do it.

I had left my run till the afternoon and was running out of time so just got dressed and got out the doors. Music was my friend, and some pumping songs from some seemingly angry young ladies got me moving.

Today I met two huge goals.

  1. I ran up the stinking hill I've been avoiding. Twice for good measure.

  2. I ran FOUR km!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See that! 4 k!!! Previously the furtherest I have EVER run without stopping was THREE!!

Sometimes it is the time you force yourself to get out there and do what the program demands that you make the biggest gains.

Now - tomorrow I am going back to my 3k. I intend to use that as my base run for a while, and just aim for a bigger run once a week. Well, I think that is what I intend to do anyway.

Today I feel strong. Empowered. I can do anything.

Gonna go find me a boxing class.

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  1. Hi :) I followed a link to your blog from the 12wbt Facebook page. Congrats on your weight loss and lifestyle changes!

    I am wondering what app you are using for tracking your runs, it looks nice and simple. Thanks.