Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Runtracker app

I was asked yesterday in a comment what I use to track my runs. Currently I am using a fabulous app for the apple iphone called runkeeper free. Yep - that's right. It's free.
It works on the gps signal for your phone and I love it! It not only tracks my distance and pace, but emails home my personal best results for time and distance. I also love that I can set it to track walks, hikes, cycling ... pretty much anything I can think of.
Love it so much I'm goig to go see if it's worth upgrading to the paid version!
My iphone is a key tool for me in my helath and fitness. I'll do a post shortly on all the ways I use it!


  1. I went to download that app last night & discovered the full version is currently available free. One good turn deserves another :)

  2. Thanks Katharine AND white nectarine :) I cycle as well so that is very handy to know ... I was looking thru the iTunes store but so hard to know which one is simple yet effective.