Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Scales Dance Day!

Today is weigh in Wednesday when we are on the program. And even though nothing has we are currently on a break, nothing has changed. I still eat well. Still train. And today is Wednesday so I still weigh in!

I have a friendly bet going with Mish that I can lose 5kg before the seasons starts ... and trust me - I am going to get to that goal.

Today's weigh in gets me a lot closer. I mean, this is crazy ... who loses weight over xmas???


1.2kg gone this week! 1.7kg out of my 5kg goal. And 13.8kg in total!!!

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

I am now .6 of a kg away from being in the 70s. That is HUGE to me!! And I cannot wait to get there.

So no time to rest. Breakfast as usual today. And later I train. (but first I need to get into this disaster of a house!)

I love how simple this formula is. Eat right. Train hard. You will lose. Easy.


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