Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve

This year I had two goals I wanted to achieve by tomorrow - New Years's Day. With one day to go - time for an update.

My first goal was to train every day left in the year and burn 500+ calories each day. So far I have smashed this - burning 700+ some days.

Even with travel and catching up with friends I have done this. I still have today to go - and it is HOT making me want to stay inside and hide - but I WILL get this done. Watch later today for my update. In the meantime I am burning calories cleaning ;)

My second goal was to aim for the moon and loose enough weight to not be obese in 2011. Will I get there? Maybe. It's still possible. But pretty unlikely.
Am I far off? Nope. We are talking less than half a kilo of "obesity" left on me. It is going to go away REALLY soon as long as I am consistent.

Am I disappointed??

NO WAY!!! I shot for the moon - had a GREAT loss of over 1.2kg ... made some huge fitness goals, ran further than I have run before ... and bought some cute clothes that I would not have fit before.

I am ECSTATIC to even get near this goal!!!!

Bring on 2011!!!

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