Friday, December 17, 2010

The story begins ... 12 weeks ago

Or maybe a little bit more.

I wish I began this blog at the beginning. But I didn't need it then. I need it now.

12 weeks ago I began the journey of a lifetime.
I began the 12 week body transformation challenge with Michelle Bridges (yep - trainer from the Biggest Loser!)

In 12 weeks I lost over 12kg. I began a journey of learning to say no to myself. Of learning how to eat. And how to train.

Did I go hard the whole 12 weeks? Honestly no. The last 4 weeks I lost my focus and it shows.

Do I have regrets? Of course. Imagine what could have happened if I went hard the ENTIRE time?? What goals could I have achieved?

BUT, it is what it is. The 12 weeks is over. Another 12 weeks begins in February.
But February is a long long way away. And I have some goals that need kicking in the meantime.

So begins this blog. Watch this space. Last time it was about weight loss. And it still is.

And in the new year, and the new challenge, I am going to kick it up. It will be all about the fitness. Watch me!

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