Saturday, August 27, 2011


Pretty isn't it.
It's amazing how ugly 1kg of fat can look.

But to me - it's important today.

Today is a red letter day!
Today - for the first time since we bought these scales when we got married .. I am in the healthy range for body fat. Just.

And I'm excited!
As a nurse every day I see what chronic disease does to you. And 9 months ago, I was high risk for almost all of them. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes ... I had risk factors in spades!

Every marker of health I achieve that brings me closer to good health, long life (please God) and a quality life as I age.

I honestly can't tell you my body fat percentage when I first began this journey. It scared me so I didn't measure it. I know it was over 50%. And I seem to think it might have been very close to 60%.

How scarey is that.

Today - my body fat % is 22.9%
Just scraped into healthy!

Completely made my day! Now to see what 3 months of lean and strong can do!

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