Thursday, August 25, 2011

Preseason task #2. Get real.

I love and I loathe this task. I love it cause it helps. I need to do it. I think if you only did one task this is the one you should do.

But it takes so looong!

So this is what it is for now.
It will change, and I am sure to add to it.

But this is it today! Getting real. Gut wrenchigly arms wide open honest!

Internal exuses

1. We are busy
1. When it comes down to it - what really matters? Our health is number one. Prioritise our future.

2. I don't know how to do the weights
2. Use the resources. Ask at the gym. You are paying them. Run it by your pt. Ask on twitter. The forums. You can do this. Stronger than you realise

3. No one to watch miss 6.
3. She can run 2km faster than you now! It isn't perfect but it's something! Go for a run together. Then get into some burpees at home!

4. I live so far away from people. I am missing out .
4. Be diligent with diarising. Go to what you can. Use twitter for virtual challenges. And suck it up princess.

5. I am tired
5. Yes you are. You are a mum. Tired is what we do. But exercise does revitalise me. TRAIN

6. I don't have my shoes/bra with me
6. Keep an old set in the car!

7. I'll look like a fool (particularly with outdoor training and wanting to join boxing gym)
7. Look at all you have done and achieved. Not one person has laughed at you. You just need to go and give it a go. In two sessions you will be a regular!

8. I lose focus
8. Don't. For the next three month you are living and breathing this. This is your one chance in life to see just how strong you can be.No excuses. Blog, forums, twitter, get involved. And find some accountability partners

9. Its a special occasion
9. Then do something special. Go somewhere nice. Make a beautiful healthy meal with life nurturing ingredients. Crap food and greed is not special

10. My girl wants a treat
10. Do something that is a treat. Have cuddles. Go to the park. Pack her a planet box . Make it special. But don't make it something that harms you both

11. I fell off the wagon so I may as well keep going
11. Um yeah. how much of an idiot does that make you sound. You fell off the wagon. Stop . Breathe. Re read your goals. What is it that serves you?

EXTERNAL EXCUSES (within my control)
1. It's so stinking hot.
1. Yes it will be . But guess what - you have a gym. A fan. You can train early and late. and it's better than winter
2. Got home too late to cook dinner
2. Keep meals frozen. Keep tofu and veges in the fridge. It takes no time to make a stirfry. Or have an omlette! I mean you have chooks! You have an egg surplus!
3. It's raining
3. So what. Run anyway. Summer rain is warm. Or do your weights.! Lean and strong is perfect for that. Or go to the gym. You have a hundred ways to workout! JFDI!
4. This week is sooo busy.
4. Yep. The all are. You are doing so much more , and they are going to get busier. Plan your week. Diarise obsessively. Plan hubby's week too. Use every spare 30 min you get! Eyes on the prize!
5. I need to clean
5. Then clean. Set a timer, work hard and fast. But make sure your workout is scheduled too! Get the family helping - they can all pull their own weight.

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