Friday, August 26, 2011

GOALS! Preseason task #3.

Goal setting.
I always struggled with this.
I always wondered if my goals were big enough. Other people seemed to dream much bigger than me.

But what I learned last round is I was putting so much pressure on myself to dream big that I wasn't having fun in the every day.

And that some of my goals are going to be smaller, every day things. These small goals are the ones that set you up to succeed.

This round I am doing Lean and strong with
Less focus on weight loss. More on getting lean muscle strength, definition, body shaping.
I am so excited!

But it does seem to make goal setting harder.
When you haven't even dipped your toes in the water how do you know what you will achieve?

So here are my goals.
Subject to much refinement as time goes by.

Lean and strong. Bring it on!

1 Month goals

1. Lose 3kg and get into healthy weight range (66kg)
TIGHT nutrition! Eat clean, whole foods. Train. Keep some cardio in with outdoor PT and SSS. Trust Mish and stick to the plan!

2. To complete every fitness challenge and weekly suprise. Participate 100%
Diarise these challenges. Complete them early in the week. Don't put them off. Maybe ask PT if we can complete fitness testing as part of PT session

3. Cut 20 sec off 1 km time trial
Do interval sprints as per running program. Keep up weights for leg strength. Find that Inner Mongrel ;)Oh and actually COMPLETE my fitness test!

4. Increase wall sit time by at least 45 sec.
Focus on leg strength . Stick with lean and strong workouts. And that inner mongrel again ;)

5. Double number of pushups on toes
By continuing with strength PT at gym and L&S workouts. Plus 100 pushup app

6. Increase our non animal protein in our diets
Stick to Mish's vegetarian plan at least every second week

7. Time my longest good form plank at beginning of week one. Add another 20 sec to it by week 4.
Um - start by actually DOING Mish's ab exercises! If they are too hard do the beginner ones

8. Commit to a week four challenge set by my buddy Rell to see how far I have come.
Just do it. No fear. No doubts. No overthinking. Just do it.

3 month goals

1.Lose 6kg (10% body weight)
Stick to plan 100% Add some running on SSS. Nutrition is the key. Track every mouthful in written journal

2.Decrease body fat and build lean body muscle
STICK TO THE PROGRAM! Work out with PT to increase intensity and maintain correct form

3.Get the I can'ts out of my head. Believe in my body and my ability.
Push myself beyond my preconceived ability. Use PT's and group sessions to try new thing. Say yes more than no. Keep becoming a runner. Blog my journey so I can see what I've done.

4.Double my wall sit time from week 1
Do wall sits twice a week. Stick with running and lean and strong to increase leg strength. Believe I can.

5. Triple my pushup on toes tally from week 4!
By continuing with strength PT at gym and L&S workouts. Plus 100 pushup app
And doing pushups on toes at bootcamps and every chance I get!

6.Double my plank time from week one
Um - start by actually DOING Mish's ab exercises! If they are too hard do the beginner ones. And planking every second day!

8. Commit to a week 8 and week 12 challenge from Rell at Frichot Fitness to prove how far I've come!
Set the time aside. Believe. Achieve big things!

9. Go rockclimbing!
HOWStick with lean and strong to develop the strength I will need!

10. Do a chinup!
Stick to lean and strong. Work with PT on strength. Do chinups, holds and jumping chin ups any chance I get!

Six month goals

1. Maintain my weight, strength and fitness routine. Be living the life I always dreamed!
Put the habits in place during round 3. Support myself with like minded people. Find a trainer I love to keep encouraging me. Never forget how far I've come.

2. Set a PB for distance and pace at run for kids with Rell!
Save money for Melbourne! Change to lean and fit. Follow my running program set by Frichot Fitness! Soak up the atmosphere and embrace it!

3. Go on a holiday with my family , and enjoy our new lives. Swim, run, have fun. Be the active mum and wife I want to be!
Plan it. Go. Enjoy.

12 month goals

1.Run Gold Coast half marathon

Stick to lean and strong to build strength round 3 - maintain 10k runs. Follow Rell's Runners plan for marathon build up and lean and fit in new year.

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