Thursday, August 25, 2011

PT last night. Legs SMASHED

My goal this round is to get outside my comfort zone.

PT is sure achieving that!

He's got me lifting heavier than I ever thought possible, pushing myself harder and burning insane calories in an hour.

After a warmup, last nights workout began with the legs.

Leg press. First set, he decided to challenge me. Oh boy did he challenge me. 160kg leg press. Set of 12.
It was heavy.
It was hard.
And I did it!

Before that session I felt flat. After that first set ... I was a rockstar!
Leg press was supersetted with squat jumps. After the first set we did drop sets, down to 100.
5 rounds.

Legs were like jelly.
Which really didn't help on the stair sprints. 5 rounds.

My memory is foggy after that.
Pushups. On two medicine balls. 5 sets. With more stair sprints in between.
Who decided to put stairs in anyway?
And how much harder do those stupid balls make pushups?!

Chest press. HEAVY. Four sets.

Then the ultimate challenge!
Kneeling balance on fitball!
Um yeah. It felt as it sounds.
It looks something like this . VIDEO LINK
except a lot less co-ordinated

Apparently it smashes dynamic core strength.
And something about proprioception. I'll let you google that one!

The ultimate goal - is I will be doing that and throwing and catching medicine balls.
We'll see.

Final round was planks. Lots of planks.

It hurt. I won't lie.
I struggled.

But I did it.

My rule with PT is if he thinks I can do it, then I am not using the word NO or CAN'T

Although calling him crazy I think is allowed!

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