Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Round 2. Finale Day. The workout

How do I take the amazing group workout and put it into words? Seriously? What words are there when you are living a life you once didn't even have the courage to dream about!?
This workout ... this finale party too, felt different to me.

This round I felt like I belonged.
I wasn't the lone country girl. I was back with my mates! I was with friends I have met online and in real life. I was with people who GOT what I did and WHY I did it!

This round I was strong. I might not have met all my weight loss goals, but this round I have proven physical and mental strength. I survived. And I flourished. No training session could be a struggle after what I have been through! I was ready to be flogged and smile the whole time!

I met new friends! I met people who inspire me! I had a ball!

And we were on OUR home turf! We were in QLD! Check out the Qld crew! We rocked it! The weather ... the day ... it was perfect! Bring the party to Qld and WE DELIVER!

And it was awesome. It was a sea of people, no complaints, no excuses, just bringing all they had and more to train.

It was a sea of people who have fought battles, who have overcome, who have reached new heights. Who had one purpose. To celebrate what they have done, and prove to themselves how far they have come.
We got to be trained by the best. No one complains when Mish Bridges tells you to go harder! We got to meet the support crew. We got to do things we never imagined.
And we were strong. 800 people strong. 800 strong bodies. 800 strong hearts. One passion and one purpose.
Yes we broke the record again. Australia's largest outdoor workout. But that isn't what mattered. What mattered was the JOY!! Where else are you sweating doing pushups in the sand with a smile on your face?
Where else do mother and daughter (and father) train together? And train hard. No gentle 30 minute walks for this crew.

This is us. We gave our all. We sprinted. We punched. We did pushups and burpees till we wondered if the throwupees were on their way. And we rejoiced and celebrated!!

Someone asked me not so long ago how long I intend to do this for. The answer is simple. Forever.

Training started as a means to a cause. I trained to lose weight.
Now I train because it is me. It is what brings me joy, makes me realise my strengths, makes me feel alive. I train because this is who I am.

And I am never going back.

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  1. you're awesome kath. thanks for sharing.