Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too awesome for words

Normally, when my blog goes quiet it means so have I. My eating is offtrack, my exercise is not happening, my mind is in just the wrong place.

Not this week.
This week I have gone quiet ... But it is not because of what I am not doing. It's because of ALL I am doing!!
It's been a big week, with big steps forward, and I'm struggling to find the words to give justice to how I feel right now.

So instead of having multiple posts in my mind that never get written, I am letting go of perfection, and taking the time to just get this week recorded any way i can.

So here it is! The wrap up of an AWESOME week!!

THURSDAY: pt session with new pt at my gym. He is just how I like my PT's ... Just that little bit crazy. This was a trial session to see how we gel, and for him to get to know where i am fitness wise. I've given him a very loose framework of what i want from my sessions. Strength work, correct technique, and to push myself past the I can'ts in my head. Seems he likes that sort of challenge. The session was hard, fast, intense. Lots of strength work, lots of Kettlebells, pushup work, and preparation for chin ups. It's early days but I'm excited about where this can lead!

FRIDAY was a busy day, so it was cardio at the gym. Lots of calories burned, simple training.

SATURDAY after an early shift I was aching for a run. The only fitness goal I had yet to achieve this round, was to run 12k, and after my hell run at the Brisbane running festival I wasnt too excited by this. But I wanted to hit my goal, and after some encouragement from #coachrell I went out. The aim was long and slow. Time didn't matter, distance did. Long, slow, and just get the job done.

I actually don't know my real time. I had some "technical difficulties". But I know my real distance. And that is what matters. 12km. Long, slow but done. Over 800 caloriea burned. And feeling like a ROCKSTAR!

(note to self ... Do not do a new pb for distance and then hop in the car for 2.5hrs. Take more time to stretch. And soak. Ow!!)

SUNDAY Sunday I was excited! Finally I got to do a training session with my Brisbane girls! And not only one session, but TWO!

Session one was an intense group personal training session at zenergy. I had heard good things about these sessions ... But had never been free AND in Brisbane when they were on! So yet another early get up, 7 am start and I was pumped!!

20 12wbt girls rocked up. In teams of four we did a circuit of burpees, renegade rows, pushing a leg press with 40kg on it up with our arms ( in teams of two), tyre flipping, water container carrying, clap pushups, wheelbarrow rows, butterfly situps, sledgehammer work and medicine ball slam downs. 4 min sessions, 2 min rests

When we were done ( and i thought we were about to stretch) Mase kindly announced, half the time , double the intensity, half the rest. KILLER!!!

When I first started 12wbt doing a challenge like this would have been laughable! Now, it was fun. Don't get me wrong, it was bloody hard work. One hour, almost 400 calories, and I worked HARD! this was a session where doing NORMAL burpees felt like a rest!!

When i finished I looked a mess. I was exhausted. But I felt so alive!! Awesome awesome fun!!!

Just to make Sunday a little crazier, we hopped in the car and drove immediately to Newfarm Park for a 90 minute bootcamp session. Insane. Shuttle runs, the circle of death, grunts, pushups, ab work, strength work with those blasted sandbags ... Intense!

A big big thanks to Kim ... My partner in the slaughter! She kept me smiling. She had me laughing ... And she ran fast when I needed her to get back so I could stop those stinking sandbag shoulder presses!!

500 more calories ... A million laug
Hs ... Snd s total of 900 cal for the day!!

MONDAY oh Monday.Monday was a rest day, although I did wa around the Ekka for what seemed like forever. And raced up every set of stairs i found with miss 6 for fun. Despite the lack of exercise Moday was a winner. I went to the ekka, home of the dagwood dog, hot chips, fairy floss, unlimited samples and the famous strawberry sundae and I ate clean. I ate good wholesome food, tried a few new things (a japanese cabbage pancake!) and did not feel deprived. In the past i would have inhaled a dagwood dog, a million taste samples and finished off with the traditional strawberry sundae. Instead, i was mindful, in control, and I left feeling great, not heavy and guilty. In the cue to buy strawberry sundaes all round I had time to think and decided i really didn't need one. I wasnt hungry, i wouldnt miss it if i didnt eat it, and it was NOT going to fit my plan for the day. I went without, had two spoons of Paul's and am so pleased with my decision.
It was so rich, so creamy, i would not have felt good after eatng it. Two spoons was enough, i had the taste, i wasnt deprived ... And i was still on track. Happy happy me!

There have been lots of other big wins this week ... Step, pilates, big calorie burns ... But these are my rockstar days. I finished round 2 with an absolute bang. I was strong, i went hard, and i gave it my all

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  1. That was one full on week Kath. So glad to finally meet you! Thanks for running fast for me to around that circle of death.