Monday, August 15, 2011

Today could be the beginning of something big

Today is the start of round 3 of Michelle Bridges twelve week body transformation.

Today you can go to and sign up, to change your life.

Today could be the start of something big.

I blog about this program because I believe it. I blog because it changed my life, my mindset, my family ... My future.

This program works. But you have to trust it, and you have to do it.

It is a good solid program. The nutrition is sound, the exercise safe, the support unprecedented.

There is proof it works. Just go to facebook, and read the testimonials. Check out some before and afters. Watch some of the videos.

This program works. I am proof. My family is proof.

You have two options. Join, and change your life ... Or go on exactly as you have.

You deserve an extraordinary life.

And leave me your user name in the comments here! I will find you on the forums and say hi!!!

Come and join the family! I cant wait to meet you!!

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  1. Hi

    I've just joined 12WBT - my forum username is 77Noni

    Leonie :)

  2. Hi there...just signed up..I've followed your progress since round one and I'm here to have another go...fair dinkum this time. My user name is nuts...good luck!,,,from Nat