Saturday, August 27, 2011

A goal after my own heart! Gearing up!

Preseason task number four is gearing up!!

Seriously? What could be more perfect?! An excuse to shop!

For anyone new ... please don't think you need to spend a bucket load of money. Some good shoes is essential - but apart from that you can do Mish's program for free.

However for me ... this is my fourth round. And I have a sports mad hubby. And I have been lucky to get a few pressies along the way ... so I feel like I am pretty lucky with how well geared up we are!

So - I'm going to be mixing up my training cause I've learned for me it's more about keeping my mind so busy it doesn't complain!

A little running (maybe not as much due to lean and strong!), my gym, outdoor workouts with a PT, weights at home if I need. I'm commited to attending pilates at my gym ... these abs need to get STRONG to meet my goals!

Any opportunity I get I'm going to train with the 12wbt Qld Crew. I love these girls and guys! They keep me motivated and it's just plain FUN!

SO gear -

  • gym membership, check!

  • good shoes - yep! Plus I'm waiting on the athletes foot voucher I won in wk 10 last round to come so I can buy a spare pair.

  • workout gear - done!

  • HRM - yep!

  • skins for recovery. Yep!

  • good fitting sports bra - live in them! Don't forget this girls! Essential!

  • I have some weights at home, and great running routes planned, plus a whole heap of ONLINE SUPPORT! My number one tip! Surround yourself with supporters!

Truly - I' m set. Nothing more I need to buy.

Gearing up this round has been more about getting the right support around me.

Some of that is through

There is a reason I keep coming back. It puts the best programs, and pts at my fingertips as well as a wealth of supporters.

Some of that is virtual support through my twitter crew.

And this round, I am checking out PT's closer to home. I adored my Toowoomba PT but it was too much driving. I've been afraid for some stupid reason to see someone locally. But I'm busting out of my comfort zone. I've found a great PT at the gym, and I'm trialling a new guy tomorrow for some boxing and outdoor workouts.

Yep this was an easy task for me. I DID buy a new gymbag. That was fun.

And I AM going to get off this computer and go straight away and pack a spare change of gear for the car so I have NOOOOO excuses to train, even if I haven't come prepared.

Geared up. Ready.

Getting excited! Is it round 3 yet??!!

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