Thursday, August 4, 2011

Looking ahead. Going to be STRONG

We are in the final week of round 2. Has it been my best round? No. But despite all that life has thrown at me I have still achieved big things this round. I have lost weight. Run further. And I am still here. I am strong.

The end of a round brings some sadness. But for me it brings an awful lot of excitement. I love to look forward, to dream, to plan.
And my dreams for round three 2011 are exciting!

I have decided, even though I still have some weight to lose, to change to lean and strong this round.
I am going to focus less on the scales, less on the numbers, and instead focus on strength.
I am going to get strong, and toned.
I am going to work on mental strength, and teaching myself that I can.
I am going to lift heavy things. I am going to get results.

I am so excited!

I know it will be different, changing my focus away from so much cardio, and towards strength, but I cannot wait.
Beside the obvious toning and firming benefits, good lean muscle mass and weigh bearing exercise rocks for building bone density, and increasing the way your body burns calories, even at rest.

I am excited.

At home, plans are being made. A simple home gym is being organised ( with very little outlay - we have much of what i need) to take away excuses. I can easily still train at home if I can't get to the gym.

I will have challenges. I find the weights area of the gym kind of daunting. But getting out of my comfort zone has done me well so far.
I'm not going to stop now.

Round three is coming. Are you jning in? Are you making plans? Are you joining for the first time? Changing focus? Rejoining or doing it alone?

Or sitting on the sidelines?

What are your plans to finish out the year?
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  1. I'm joining you for L&S, Kath :) I was going to do it this round but in the end I focused on losing my last 5kg and on running a half-mara (in 2 days!!) making my plans for R3 now ... we are going to be buff ;)