Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday ended up BIG!

So .. my quest to break out of my comfort zone continues!

This round is less about numbers on the scale ... and more about leaving my comfort zone behind. And lately ... I feel like I am TOTALLY rocking that! I'm saying less of I CAN'T and more of I CAN!

So - in my quest for comfort zone smashing ... I heard of a new PT in town. And since I am eager to get some group sessions in my sleepy little town (Yes - there are MORE THAN ME doing the challenge this round!) I thought I best try him out.

The day before the session I was nervous. The hour before... packing it.
Maybe it had something to do with trying new things.

Maybe it was that we were training in the park OPPOSITE my WORK at LUNCH and people might see me.

Maybe (and quite likely) it had something to do with the fact that he is Ex british marine!! (Scarey!)

But you know what.
I turned up.

And I commited to doing what he asked of me.

Warm up - jog around very large park. DONE.


  • Chest press, bicep curls, shoulder press (with bar)

  • Sumo squats to overhead lift (with medicine ball)

  • Hammer curls

  • Ab work

  • Boxing circuit

(x3 times round whole circuit) - DONE

MORE BOXING - smashed

MORE BOXING (with sprints) - DONE

Interval sprints. That he didn't let me quit till my HR hit 170 (MUST stop wearing HRM to PT!)

Honestly - I didn't think I could. I don't run fast. I plod. I didn't want to. I was tired.


Pushups, ab work, stretching


1 hour. 498 Cal burned.

Comfort zone smashed!

Oh and here is the best part .... (although he might have been buttering me up so I'd come to more sessions) ... HE CALLED ME AN ATHLETE and said I trained with INTEGRITY!

Now that was big for a Monday .. but there's more.

Miss 6 had Gecko Kids at our gym today. Which is normally my time to workout.

Since I'd already pushed pretty hard cardio wise today I decided to hit the gym and test what weights I could do. Sort of a baseline.

I was impressed. I could do more than I thought - even after all the boxing.

I'll redo them just before kickoff and put them in a page on the blog with my first fitness test results. I think it could be interesting.

So no cardio. Lots of weights. 130 Cal in abotu 45min.

Monday night is also zumba night. I probably wouldn't normally go after the day I had, but I was feeling great - and it was my instructors first night back after a pretty tough illness. I wanted to celebrate with her.

I'm glad I went! It was fun. I kinda felt coordinated at times.

And the best bit is .. I met two lovely ladies from the gym who have signed up to 12wbt because of me!

Awesome day! I'm still buzzing!!

Loving my life!

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