Friday, August 19, 2011

I think he thinks my pain is a competition!

Pt session number two yesterday.
I don't think I should have told him about my smash up session on Sunday. I think he sees smashing me up the most as a competition.

Thursday's workout was intense,

I warmed up before he arrived. Dumb idea. It gave him more time to punish me.

Round one. Chest press. Heavy. Easy I guess now I new what was coming!
Round two. Fitball dumbell chest press. 10kg dumbells.
Supersetted with pushups with one hand on a medicine ball.
First round hurt but i could do it. By second round I was stuffed!!

Third round. Kettlebell swings. Then run the stairs.
Then dumbell squats (15kg). Elbows to knees or he wouldn't count it. Then stairs.
Repeat x 5.
Oh and then we ran round the block for fun ;)

Fourth round.
Cable row, hold for 10 sec the last rep of each set with him pulling against me.
Supersetted with modifed chinups. 5 sets.

Fifth round.
Lat pull down. 55kg. He helped me pull it down then i had to focus on returning it back sloooowly. Paul calls it eccentric contractions. Im not sure, i just know it hurt.

Chest press. Like the lat pull down. Heavy. He helped me press it then i had to focus on the sloooow return.

Round six
Leg press.
Two legs, right leg, two legs, left leg. That's one rep. On the two legs he would use his bodyweight to make it harder.

Round 7
Pushups. On two medicine balls. Then on the ground, till failure. Then he used a towel to help me squeeze a few more out.

Round 8.

Talk about an intense hour and a chest/shoulder smashup! Maybe i shouldnt have told him i want to improve my push up technique!!

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