Monday, August 8, 2011

Last chance training

Today is Tuesday, and for once I'm not working.
Tomorrow is weight in, so that makes today last chance training.
Actually it's not only weigh in but it's THE FINAL weigh in for this round!

Now - just because I've only lost a little this round, it doesn't mean I can't finish like a champion, and that is what I've done.

This morning I did Group Step. I love this class, but rarely get to do it.
Consider it smashed. All 427 calories of it! That is more than I burn some runs! And a whole heap of fun!

Just before school pick up I decided to see how it felt to run. After Sunday I've been nervous about it, and putting it off. I was thinking of not running until the weekend, but I promised my twitter running coach Rell that I would still get my three runs in. (She's getting tougher! After Gold Coast it was run IF and WHEN I wanted the following week!)

It was gorgeous weather. Sunny, not too hot. Perfect except for that STINKING HEADWIND every time I found a hill to climb.

But 4k done. The last km almost exclusively into the wind. And I'm ok with the time considering!

Hot,tired, sweaty ... but thrilled! I've given it my all!

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  1. You're doing great pulling out a run only 2 days later!