Thursday, August 25, 2011

Round 2 2011, finale party wrap up

If you thought the workout was big ... the party was HUGE!
Big big thanks to my chaffeurs for the night! You made life so much easier!

I was so lucky to be able to attend early to help with the setup this round. It was so exciting to be there and watch the crowds flood in! The excitement was palpable when the doors opened!

Step one of course - photos with Mish! And she was as beautiful as ever!

We kindof scrub up pretty well out of workout gear don't we?!
I felt so beautiful.
It ws a night of firsts.
First ever strapless dress. First time with red lipstick.
And I felt beautiful.
Like a princess.

I am never going to be the person who wins awards. I have too much weight to lose to win lean and strong, not enough weight to win the comp ... but I honestly do not care. I am so the winner in life!

And standing next to Gabi as the winners were introduced made my heart sing.

I feel like part of this 12wbt family.

I felt so much pride seeing their achievements, and hearing Gabi whisper so proudly about the astounding changes in front of us!

This is why I am part of this family.

Lives are changing. It is not that people are getting skinny. It is lives being saved.

Visceral fat (the fat around the organs) GONE.

Cardiovascular health improved OUT OF SITE!

Depression - being tackled!

Michelle may be the celebrity trainer from the biggest loser, but the more I do the program, the more I see, this is her mission field. It is about giving us the tools to change our lives. She doesn't do it. Her team don't do it for us.

She gives us the tools, the courage, and puts us in a place of support. The hard yards are done by us.

And results come.

One man - 40kg lost in 12 weeks.

One lady - her parent's came and suprised her ... and the joy and pride in their faces ... it made us all teary!

The confidence! The joy! The laughter!
I got to celebrate with my strongest supporters, my friends, my training buddies!

And celebrate we did! Night of nights!

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