Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yesterday was a rest day ... sort of ...

I had declared yeseterday a rest day. And it sort of was. I worked an early and I was NOT in the mood to run afterwards.

But I did want to do something. I had to. Sitting at home was not wokring for me. So I went for a walk.

The only problem was, after 30 min a storm was brewing and I had to hightail it home! I was not happy. But - a quick dinner, and the storm passed, and the night was fresh and cool again.

And it was still light enough to do another 30min after dinner!

So one hours walking all up. 450cal. Not bad for a rest day.

And it DID feel like a rest. Walking is easy for me. It clears my head. I feel at peace. It was beautiful.

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