Sunday, January 9, 2011

YES I CAN !!!!

We've just come back from a few delicious, active days away at the coast ... and it has been wonderful! Expect a few posts in quick succession on our time away. There were also moments that were sad, and feelings I am struggling with. I am so grateful for the lessons I have learned in 12wbt. They helped me cope with these emotions in a new way. More about that later when I can get my thoughts together.

When we were away I was SO BLESSED to have several dreams that I thought I would never be capable of achieved. Made me feel SO STRONG and made me realise how much I am changing on this journey. I felt on top of the world!

The first of these dreams was met on Thursday when my mum in law kindly watched miss e so Paul and I could go out for a little bit.

The weather however was not conducive to dream making. It kept varying between being fine(ish) and pelting down rain!

I have been married to this man for 10 years. And for all of those years he has been wonderful and fit and active. And I haven't. For years I have wished I would be *just* fit enough to go for a run with him.

Well, this week I did.

We headed down to Sandgate and decided to run across the new bridge they have built. It seemed like a fair enough goal to me.
The stinking bridge was very long.

3km long in fact. And I was tired. But I ran all the way across it!

And this is us - at the end of our FIRST EVER RUN TOGETHER!!!!

On the way back I walked (and danced - I was listening to the Hairspray soundtrack) - and let my husband run home.

And then when we got to the end, I ran a few sets of stairs. You see I hadn't QUITE burned 500 cal, and I wasn't going home till I did!

We got in the car just in time for the rain to pour down. And I was flying high on the victory of this FIRST all day!

More holiday posts to come ... (when I catch up on the holiday laundry!)

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