Friday, January 28, 2011

Too busy not to train

I had no intention to run today. I mean I had a late night last. I was tired. I did two hours of zumba yesterday. I had a full of errands and a two hour round trip to do. I was too busy.

But then as I ate breakfast and read the forums I felt just a little sad, cause today is Saturday, and on Saturday we have a super Saturday session to kick the calories away.

And then I remembered how great it felt to train. And how great I felt after zumba last night. And that I had time today to run at the river. And that for once it was a coolish summer morning.

And I decided that since I would get such a buzz from training, instead of feeling flat and tired ... I was too busy not to train.

So i ran. And ran. By the end I was sweaty and hot.

And I totally blew my mind with my achievements. I didn't stop at 3k. Or 4k. I started to believe i might even get to 6km. How cool would that be??

Check it out ....

I Ran 7.1k. I have never even DREAMT of running that far. Somedays even I don't know what I am capable of. Love that about the program. It shows me I am stronger and more determined than I would ever believe.

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