Sunday, January 23, 2011

Preseason task #1 - Introduce yourself

Preseason task #1 is to introduce yourself.

So I did

This is what I wrote

Hello 12wbt world! This is me!

Kath from country Qld. I am a part time nurse who had the courage to change jobs by JFDI'ing it last year.

In round 3 2010 I lost 12 kg. I have since lost another 5

I am the mum to one beautiful 5yo girl and shock horror - wife to a dietitian!

However my obesity at the start of 12wbt is proof that it was the mindset I had to change - and Mish got inside my head.

At the start of Round 3 2010 I was morbidly obese. As of this year I am merely overweight and heading fast into the healthy range.

I could not even run 300 m. Now I am running 5k

Mish will change your life! She's changed mine!

I also made a video. I wanted to share my journey so far. Hope you enjoy it


  1. Kath, I LOVED that clip. I may have even gotten abit teary at the mention of your daughter copying you. You are an inspiration x

  2. Fantastic results! Hope I can see a similar change in my life :) Keep up the great work

  3. Well done Kath, looks like it has been a great journey for you so far. Really loved your clip, it is very inspiring.

    I am not participating in the 12wbt (although I would love too, finances dont allow it atm), I am following on face book and have bought Mish's book to use to guide me. I have lost 2.9 in a couple of weeks, so am doing okay, only have about 5 more kilos to lose.

    I hope you achieve your goals and look forward to following along in your journey.

    Best wishes,