Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why do it again? Didn't you learn your lesson the first time?

This is my second round of Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation. Check out for details. Registration is open NOW!

I keep getting asked why I am doing it again? Didn't I learn how to lose weight the first time?

Well - the honest answer is yes - I probably could continue to lose the weight on my own. I have a dietitian for a husband. I have a great gym. And the off season has proven I can lose weight on my own.

But for many reasons I am coming back. And here are my top 5 reasons why ...

  • I still have so much to learn. Hard times, such as saying goodbye to my uncle denny are still real trigger points for me. This last week has been tough. I have reverted to a lot of old habits. I fully expect to gain weight this week. I know I will be also be back on the program this week.I am not giving in. I know I can beat the old habits. But my inner teenager still needs bringing into control. I need to learn to deal with these things in a non destructive way and I still want support to do that.

  • I still have so much to prove. Last challenge I really began to nail the eating. I am really starting to get it. But I was sortof here and there on the training. During the offseason I have made PROGRESS. I can run 5k. I can do boxing class, pump, zumba - whatever I want. This season I am here to prove how much of a fighter I am. I am going to NAIL the nutrition AND I am going to SMASH IT on the training. This season is about me and some demons to conquer. I know inside I am fit and strong. I am going to PROVE IT. No more victims here.

  • I still have so much FUN to have. Last challenge I was unsure. I was busy. I lost focus at times. And I was nervous. I didn't go to the party because of a lot of reasons ... I feel I missed out. This round I am here to have FUN. I am going to go to group workouts. I am GOING to the party. I am going to shop and try on clothes and do every challenge and make videoblogs and have FUN. It's not about going through the motions. It's about embracing the process. I'm here to have FUN this challenge!

  • Mish knows her stuff. And she really IS there for me. She somehow gets inside my head in a way no one has before. And the gang doing the program with me ... they ARE family. They are my biggest cheerleaders and my toughest buttkickers. They do not let me make excuses. They tell it like it is. I love that support.
  • But my biggest reason is I still have unfinished business here. I set myself a goal to reclaim my life and my health. I am a long way to the goal. But I am not finished. And THIS time I am not stopping till I get there!

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