Sunday, January 2, 2011


One of the great things about this journey is finding really fun ways to reward yourself!!
We have plenty of "stuff" about this house, and if I set a reward as a thing to do like a massage I often don't find myself following through and actually doing it.

Instead, this season of the 12wbt I am rewarding myself with charms for a special pandora bracelet to remind me of the journey I am on!

The first charm I have bought is my butterfly charm. To remind me of how I feel right now - like a butterfly FINALLY emerging from a cocoon after hiding away all winter.

I have also adding a running shoe charm. My greatest achievement so far is not losing almost 14kg. By far my greatest achievement has been becoming an exerciser. And my greatest achievement on that journey has been learning to run. Running does not come easy to me. But the feeling I get when I have finished my run cannot be beaten. It is not only the physical achievement - but the mental - not letting my brain stop me when my body can keep going.

I'm not really sure which charm I will add next. Or when. I can't wait to sit back and make a list of my goals and my rewards. I am so excited about the new challenge starting this month! Can't wait for it to begin!

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