Monday, January 3, 2011

Mish Bridges I BLAME YOU!!!

Dear Mish

I adore you but I need to have words with you!

Mish Bridges I am holding you responsible.

I'm blaming you and your JFDI and robot talk! 4 weeks ago I could barely run. Today I told myself I was in robot mode and managed 5k (actually 5.2k cause I forgot to do my final blast and had to make it up. That final 200m almost was the end of me btw).

What are you doing??? I'm the lazy one remember! You are making a runner out of me! I am going to be sore tomorrow!

Especially since I haven't got smart enough to run in a loop and I had to walk 4.4km home!! It's all your fault girl!! (and I love you for it!)

When I am limping through the wards tomorrow I will be cursing your name. I promise.

Love Kat
(who is secretly a little bit proud!)

(Actually - I can't give you full credit. It was my girls Pink! and Christina who got me up that hill when I wanted to stop. Angry girl music seems to motivate me)

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