Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Happy Happy Day! I AM NO LONGER OBESE!!

Happy Happy Day! For the first time since I can remember - at least in 6+ years ... I AM NO LONGER OBESE!!!!!!!!!!

Today my weight dropped below the BMI range for an obese woman - now I am merely overweight ;) ;) Since so much of the reason I am doing this relates to my desire to try to avoid chronic health conditions in my future this is a BIG THING for me!!

Just as big is my drop into the 70s!!! Going from the mid 90s to the 70s is HUGE for me!! Makes me feel lighter already!

I dropped a massive 1.3kg this week! So including the week before that is 2.5kg over the silly season! Who says you cannot lose weight over Christmas and new year??

My "deal" with Mish to lose 5kg by the start of round 1 2011 is going strong. I am now down 3kg.

Happy Day indeed!

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