Saturday, January 29, 2011

My goals

One month goals

1.Run a 4km fun run
Continue running 3 times a week. Print out form and post off monday to enter. Arrange care for Miss E. Get there the night before and stay at mums. Practise running and drinking.

2. Go to 3 spin classes in first month
Get the timetable from the gym. Use weekly planning meeting with Paul to schedule in classes I can get to. Post on forum asking for tips on setting up spin bikes. Get there early. Take padded bike seat cover! Ask instructor for tips and let them know it is my first class. Go at least 3 times so I can see if I learn to like it or not!

3. Give up diet soft drinks for good.
Keep water in the fridge. Fill bottles each night. Take a water bottle when I go out. Get sparkling water in cupboard for those days I feel like a little bit "extra". Ask for water with ice when we go out. Put a note in my purse to remind me when I go to buy them! Take cold water to work for lunch breaks

4. Do something I would never have dreamed of. Try tap dancing lessons!
Enrol in class. Buy shoes. Go with a friend. Arrange Paul to watch Miss E. Just go!

5. Work on my lack of ab strength! Aim to get stronger this season!


Attend a weekly pilates class. Actually DO mish's ab excercises. Do them in ad break of biggest loser show if I have to! Practise Planks

6. Work on strength. Learn to do 10 pushups on toes and 2o burpees for burpee challenge!


Do the 100 pushup challenge. Do burpees on alternate days.

7. Actually USE my bike! Ride to the gym and back, or errands down town 3 x week


Get Paul to check my bike over. Diarise which days I will do this. Don't leave it to chance or I will put it off. Get a lock for my bike. Get pannier bags so I can put shopping in them to carry home. Find out where I can lock my bike

8. Actually DO my SSS each week!


Plan and diarise. Get involved in SSS discussions on the forum to inspire me. If I am working Saturday schedule an alternate day but it must be done by Saturday night. Do it early in the day -get it done. Enter events where possible to make it fun. Backup plan - if not done by Sunday night I need to run then do a dvd. no excuses

9. Attend bootcamp - Pain in Paradise
How? Schedule it! Find the next date I am not working and book it in. Tell work I'm not available that weekend. Diarise with Paul. Get babysitter miss e. Get Paul to come with me!

10. Really bust a gut on my first mini milestone!
How? Twilight run booked! Email them to upgrade to 10km if I can. Keep running 3 x week. Try to do one longer run each week. Remember it doesn't matter if I jog, walk or crawl ... all I have to do is get over the line!

11. Lose 5kg in first month
How? I am going to have to eat clean. Use Sunday to plan meals for week. Freeze meals for when we are too tired to cook. Train hard as per schedule. Aim for 500 exercise Cal Mon - Fri and 1000 on Saturdays.

12. Cut 20 seconds off my 1km time trial at week 4
How? Make sure I am ready. Well hydrated. Do early in week while I am still enthused. Get family involved in motivating me. Don't worry about what others are thinking. Keep running 3 times a week. Go HARD. Use GPS if I can to help monitor my pace

My THREE month goals!

1. Have cut an entire 1 min off my 1km time trial speed!
Make sure I am ready. Well hydrated. Do early in week while I am still enthused. Get family involved in motivating me. Don't worry about what others are thinking. Keep running 3 times a week. Go HARD. Use GPS if I can to help monitor my pace.
Have cut 20sec off by week 4. 40sec off by week 8. 60 sec off by week 12

2. Be in a healthy weight range
Eat clean. Follow the menu plan. Work out hard every session. Do group activities like bootcamp and fun runs for a boost. Do every challenge. They are there for a reason. Just do it even if I don't feel like it. Smash up every mini milestone. Work the mindset lessons. Make SSS a must do event

3. Fit in size 12 jeans
Follow the plan and give it my all as above. But also really work on my running and Pump for leg definition

4. Do 30 pushups on my toes! And 100 burpees. OUCH.
By following the 100 pushup program and alternating days with burpees.

5. Truly pamper myself to celebrate my 12wbt success at the end of three months!!!
I like this one! Haircut. Colour. Pedicure. Massage. And shop for a gorgeous frock to wear!!!

6.Go to the party! Go to the final workout! Celebrate!
Flights are BOOKED !!! Just make sure you have time off work and GIVE IT YOUR ALL!!

7.Enrol to study my RNs
How? By researching courses. Finding out closing dates. Submitting the application. And not worrying about the what ifs ... just jump in there and do it!

8. Do that 20kg bike ride from round 1!
How? Get Paul on board. Pick a cool day. Get a babysitter for the day. Plan snacks and a route and Just go!

Ok - that was exhausting. I also have to do 6 and 12 mth goals but I need a break!

I do know one 6mth goal is to come back on the next round and do the Lean and Strong program!

Have fun setting your goals!!


  1. Oh how do you get tabs in these blogs?? Still learning and I'm getting frustrated with the set up haha

    Love your goals! Very Very Inspiring. I have spent DAYS on this task and still not real happy.

  2. WOW What a fantastic list of goals Kath!

    You go out there and achieve it, it is what you deserve.

    With your attitude and determination I know you are going to do this transformation with great results...

    I need to take a leaf out of your book lol.