Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eating out - 12wbt style!

How things have changed. In the past we would have eaten out on holidays and I would have constantly been on the lookout for a treat.

Something rich and decadent maybe? Cause it was holidays ... and I deserved it!

Well, this time we did have a treat. Lots of them.

But this time my treats looked like this ...

(Don't worry - I shared some of that delicious avocado around!)

They were fresh. They were delicious! They nutured my body and my soul. And this time - again - it was because I deserved it! But this time I KNEW it was great food I deserved!

My daughter's favourite food was this! A berry smoothie. Filled with real healthy food. Not processed colouring. Just real whole food.

Both of these incredible meals came from Raw Energy at Mooloolaba. Their gluten free options for my man were incredible. My daughter declared her sandwich "the best meal ever" Actually, she made us go back again. And called me "Raw energy lady" when I gave her a salad tonight for dinner.

THESE are the meals I deserve. These are the memories my family needs to create. My girl is going to remember this I promise! She will remember that healthy food can be fun and delicious! Starting my own 12wbt family food legacy!

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