Thursday, January 27, 2011

Preseason Task 2. My excuses and their solutions

Last time I had about 5 excuses. I didn't put my all into it obviously. And it showed. I still have demons to overcome.

This time I thought a little more. Here I am. Arms wide open - gut wrenchingly honest.

(Oh - and I still reserve the right to add extras as I discover them!)

Internal excuses

1. I'm tired
Solution Workout anyway. Don't you remember how much energy you get after working out? Workout for 10min . JFDI

2. I'll look out of place and be embarrased
Solution 2. Has anyone laughed yet? If they do why the hell does it matter? Just go. Dare ya.

3. I've lost so much already. I can relax for a while
Solution 3. Yes you've done well but you are still overweight. Your health will still improve. Do you want to show your daughter how to finish a job or give up? Set nested goals so you always have dome thing new to achieve

4. I loose focus
Solution Don't. Commit to the world. Blog daily. Put a chart of my goals on the fridge. Commit to the forum each day. Never miss a weigh in. Never miss a lesson. Blog the good and the bad

5. I have missed too many runs and I'm scared I will have gone backwards
Solution . Remind myself it doesnt matter how I finish but it's that I had the courage to start that counts. Walk a bit run a bit I'll catch up on fitness fast if I get going

6. Its a special occasion
Solution Then do something special. Go somewhere nice. Make a beautiful healthy meal with life nurturing ingredients. Crap food and greed is not special

7. My girl deserves a treat
Solution What your girl wants is your time. Go to the park. Pack a picnic. Have a tea party at home. Set her an example that not everything needs to be celebrated with cake

8. My friend serves cake at coffee all the time
Solution Suggest a walk and talk instead. Or just say no. Flex that willpower muscle

9. I fell off the wagon so i may as well eat crap food.
Solution Stop. Say that outloud. How stupid does it sound. Go read this list again. Read my goals. Read my commitments. Think of telling that to mish at the party in Melbourne. Would I dare? Then make a salad and go for a walk

10. It's easier to grab something quick at lunchtime
Solution Pack my lunch when I pock eliana's so it is done. Easier to eat what is ready

11. I snack and pick at home
Solution 11. Pack snacks in a Lunch box that is calorie counted. Have a snack list on the fridge

12. I *think* i am on track
Solution Track every calorie. Track every workout. Every day. Find an accountability partner

13. I look so much better already OR I can't see the difference anyway so why work so hard
Solution Buy a goal outfit in size 12. Try it on every week on weigh day

14. No one will know if I quit
Solution They will if I get fat again. Find an accountability partner and be gut wrenchingly honest on how on track I am ... Or not

15. I don't want to
Solution So what. JFDI. 10 min rule. And grow up

16. If I eat this now then it is gone and it wont worry me any more
Solution Um yeah. And the calories wont still be there on my hips? Stop. Say it out loud. Is it ridiculous??? YES. Throw it in the BIN!

17. But I always but a chocolate when I shop.
Solution Going cold turkey on this one. NO CHOCOLATE FOR 3 mths!!!! Beat the demon and flex the willpower muscle

18. Once I astart pigging out I keep going
Solution STOP. Go for a walk. listen to inner teenager podcast and inner labradour. Keep walking and listening on repeat till it has sunk in. Text Paul to throw offending food item before I get home

19. Fruit and veggies are too dear
Solution And so is a heart attack. Buy at the markets. Substitute if I have to. Buy seasonally. Oh and go to the gym instead of shop. I should save a fortune there!

20 I'm the lazy one
Solution Um no you're not. Not sure where you got that idea but you are not lazy - you just need to JFDI! In the last two years you have finished a diploma, changed careers, done a lot of work to your home, learnt to run, learnt to blog, lost 16+ kg. Get over it. And get going!!!!

21. It's mums. I always have a lolly or biscuit here.
Solution Go for a walk in the garden. Get outside. Just talk. Do puzzles. Or if all else fails move the stinking lollies. You dont need them!

External excuses within my control

1. Too stinking hot.
Solution Workout late or early. Do DVDs with the fan and air cooler going
2. We got home late and I don't have time to cook tea or their is no food for dinner. I'm tired I can't be bothered
Solution Investigate crock pot recipes. Freeze lasagna . Keep pita breads and mish friendly pizza ingredients in freezer for a quick meal.

3. It's raining
Solution Go anyway. You loved your Xmas day run in the rain. Or go to the gym. Or DVD it.

4. It's a busy week
Solution Every week is busy. Sunday nights you strategies and diarize. Every week. Set a remind on your iphone to do it

5. But Paul is working out then/ is away / is working
Solution As above. Make that a family diarizing session. Set him a reminder too. Every workout in advance.

6. My house is a mess
Solution Workout. Set a timer and clean it. Ask for help. Pay for help if I need to. Think of the investment in my health.

External excuses out of my control

1. Called into work at short notice
Solution Get the monkey off my back and workout early in the day. Have meals frozen I can grab at a minutes notice.

2. Sick child
Solution Let her watch a movie and do a DVD program or the outdoor program at home

3. If I miscarry again
Solution It's not your are doing the bestnyou,canto get healthy. Let yourself cry. Plan a walk. Plan pampering. Get support in real life and on the forums

I think I did better this time. It was exhausting. But it is still a work in progress. If I make any significant changes ... I'll let you know ....


  1. Congratulations Kath, Your posts are inspirational. I am in the 12wbt too, if there's any way I can help you, let me know! Kylie

  2. Hi Kath, I'm enjoying reading your blogs, you've obviously put a lot of work into this task, great honesty :). I look forward to seeing your progress (and mine) over the coming months.