Saturday, January 29, 2011

Preseason task #2 Take control - set your goal

I'm finding this task harder than I thought I would.

Last time my goals were easier. Join a gym. Go to bodyPump. Try zumba. Lose 8kg.

I smashed them all out of the water. Totally. In fact I have completed all my 6mth goals as well.

This time I want bigger goals. I want goals I have to fight for. I want goals that will shock those who love me best by what I can achieve! I want goals that are almost laughable that I can achieve. Almost. Becaues achieve them I will!

We have had this task for two days. And only tonight I feel like I might be able to start setting concrete goals.

In the meantime, I have been brainstorming anything that crossed my mind as a plausible goal. There is something about a massive sheet of paper and coloured pens that helps me focus.

I don't think my dog was too impressed. This is where I found him last night.

So tonight I'm going to set my goals. I'll share them as soon as I have them sorted!

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