Saturday, January 15, 2011

Qld floods - how we CAN help!

It all began with a 5 year old. And her desire to help. So she got some toys to sell.

Of course -I HAD to help her! And having dropped two sizes with 12wbt - I added two complete wardrobes to the mix.

Plus some household excess. I mean - there is so much *stuff* I don't need anymore. It all seems too much when others have nothing.

So we had a garage sale. Me, my man and my girl. And her best friend's family. Two five year old out to change the world.

We made over $630. Every cent of which is going to the floods!

You might not live close to Qld. You might be like me, and keen to keep a child out of the way. You might not get time off work, or be physically able to be involved personally.

But I KNOW you have stuff you can sell. Don't we all?

How can we have so much, when others have nothing?

It doesn't have to take long to organise. It doesn't have to be a big deal. We decided to do this after lunch on Friday. We were finished by lunch on Saturday.

Place an ad for next weekend. Grab some friends and see what you can do.

Every single bit helps! And I know us 12wbters ... we can get the job done!

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