Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today I am flat...

I promise to blog about how I really am doing this challenge. Not every workout is new personal best, and not every day am I full of life and joy.

Today was a bit day. Work was frantic and messy. I got through - but what a mess. And my family is dealing with something that I wish they didn't have to deal with. I feel like my excess energy is being spent in prayer today.

But the good thing is - I did my job. I got up, ate well. Went to work, ate well. Came home. Ate well. And I trained.

Training was where I felt flat. Maybe it is because I didn't eat enough today. Looking at my day that is entirely possible. Maybe it is my body tired after yesterday's huge win. Definately could be. Maybe I am just emotionally drained. Whatever it is - I just went and trained - but wasn't my best.

I did 30min cardio at the gym + weights. Only burned 300 cal. But I DID train and that is a start.

I have a plan for a better day tomorrow. I'm taking my man to a boxing class with me. Think I might just right off today tho and go to bed early

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