Monday, January 31, 2011

I was awesome tonight :)


I'm a rockstar.

Tonight I did Pump + zumba.

Tonight I was determined to go hard. I upped my weights in pump beyond what I had before. I did entire tracks where I would have taken a break before. And I screamed my way through the tricep dips even tho they HURT! I must admit I was telling myself Mish was there telling me to keep going. I kept going but I was swearing at her by the end!

Zumba was HOT! Both in dances and temp! But tonight I enjoyed it! I loved it! I felt like I could do it! And a max hr of 171 in zumba is just ridiculous! I went hard!

Total for tonight is 1024 cal burned! I was awesome tonight!

Declaring this another ROCKSTAR moment!

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