Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some days you just have to take what life throws at you ...

Tuesday morning I turned up to the gym ready for GroupStep.
It's an awesome class that leaves me invigorated, burns a lot of calories and is FUN.

I was pumped! What a great way to train on a Tuesday morning.

Till I turn up to the gym and the instructor tells me StepGirl is sick. And Step is off.

My invigorating workout gone - I had visions of bashing it out on the stupid treadmill AGAIN. Not happy.

Then he tells me ... instead of step ... I'm running Boxing.

Boxing is a class that never seems to fit with my life at my gym.
It's never on a day that suits.
Or for some reason I talk myself out of it.

I was pumped! No excuses. After all I was already there! Ready to train!

And train we did! Skipping, pushups, burpees, mountain climbers, squats, stair runs ... oh and we punched stuff too!

450Cal in an hour and sweat was POURING off me!

I'm sorry Sweatgirl was sick ... but BoxingBoy might have given me a taste of a new way of training that I love!

Think I'll go see if I can fit a class into my week!

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