Thursday, September 1, 2011

I think my PT is trying to break me ...

I think my gym pt is trying to push me until I say no.

But I'm not going too.

The way I think of PT is if I want to go easy on myself, I could go easy on me for free.
If I'm going to pay a PT ... Then I expect him to smash me.

And smash me he did.

Honestly ... When i went to the gym yesterday I was NOT in the mood to train hard,
I had finished a long shift, and was just exhausted. Nothing was working to regain my energy, but I had committed.

So I went.

Warmup xtrainer
Treadmill 10k/hr

Then he decided to get started.

Latpull downs
Chest press
Both heavier than I ever imagined possible.
Sometimes I did the move independantly, sometimes he loaded it up and helped me with the down movement so i could focus on the return.

Leg press 120kg. Not as heavy as last week but more reps and deeper.

Every set I struggled. And every set when I finished he would ask how that was. "hard but fun" was my standard answer! I might struggle ... But it is SO empowering!

Then he told me it was time for fun :) Never trust a trainer's idea of fun.

Circuit x 3
Over the fence jump
Tricep dips
Squat jumps on step
Star jumps
Squats with 10kg dumbbell elbows to knees
Triceps with dumbells

And yep ... This was repeated 3 times!

Final blast
X trainer.
Easy on 8 for 1 min.
Hard and fast on 10 for 30 sec. Has to hit 150 ( got up to 170!!)
Repeat 5 times!

By the end of the session my grumps were finally gone. I felt alive!! I could do it all again! Way to blow the cobwebs away.

We had a chat about my goals and plans after. He reckons I'm well on my way. In his words ... "Christmas could be looking very nice for you missus"

One more week till round three starts.

I. Cannot. Wait.

Bring on lean and strong!! Ready for you!

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