Friday, September 9, 2011

Preseason task # 6 kitchen makeover

Maybe this is why I need to keep doing 12wbt.
Preseason task #6 means at least once every 3 months my fridge, pantry and freezer get cleaned out and sorted.

This round it wasn't really about throwing out bad food. The non12wbt food in this house consisted entirely of two mini packets of tiny teddies. Miss E shares a packet occasionally with two or three friends on ballet days. Not am issue. I don't eat them. Once they are gone they won't be replaced.

The issue was with making sure our fridge was organised and nothing was getting "lost" , going off or getting wasted.

Oh and getting rid of those UFO's ... Unidentified food objects :) . You know ... The science experiments of the house.

Oh and I had a brainstorm. Food rots in our vege crisper. I always forget it's there! So ... i've rehomed all our jars, jams, sauces etc in the vege crisper ...

And have put our fresh produce in the fridge door so it is always the first thing I see, and not getting lost in the depths of the fridge,

Im very interested to see how this works.

So far, so very very good.
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