Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 2 . Lean and strong. Or don't let the meatheads win

Today started by me getting a virtual butt kicking from the twitter crew and diving into the fitness test.

My run was good. Definately feeling tired in the legs from Sunday. 1km done in 5min 37. So much faster than I used to be but plenty of room to improve! This puts me in intermediate for the run ... Just outside of advanced. I reckon I would have squeaked into advanced if there wasn't a stick in the middle of the path resulting in a turned ankle :(

Next up was step with a friend and new 12wbt'er. I know lean and strong should mean limiting cardio ... But I'm not in it for any awards. I'm happy to keep some cardio in for fun.

After step I wanted to hit the weights room, and smash up lean & strong weights. But enter the macho gym monkey and my temporary loss of confidence.

You know the type ... Load up every piece of equipment with weight but can't be bothered to put it away, use lots of equipment at once and hate working in, lifts stupid high weights often with poor form, and just make me feel intimidated.

So, I'm sorry to say but I went home.

Not the end of the story of course though. Some soul searching, some twitter therapy, and I went back. As much as anyone I deserve to be there.

And I won through. It was a much better time to go. Much quieter, better staff on. Win all round.

And I smashed out those weights. My legs are strong. Upped most of the weight recommendations above the max in the program.

Today was a good day.

Now home with my family to stretch, and early to bed.

Hit it hard in training ... But taking time to rejuvinate too.

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  1. You rock honey! I find you so inspirational! I want to do lean and strong after I drop some of this weight as I LOVE weights!

    Well done for not letting the meatheads win! You absolutely deserve to be there smashing it out. You have better form than them anyway. Hold your head high lovey!

  2. "I'm happy to keep some cardio in for fun."

    I have never, ever uttered those words in my life!

    Go you! :)


  3. Oh I so know what you mean about the meatheads! I shy away from the weights too because I feel like I don't belong, and sometimes I don't know what to do with a machine etc.

    Luckily my new gym is very quiet and quite often I am the only person in the weights room - meaning I get to experiment and learn without feeling pressured. I tend to go at non-peak times too, so if you have the flexibility in your schedule I would try that as well.

    Good on you for going back though, you must feel awesome!! Congrats!

  4. Good job Kath! The old weight room can be intimidating at first, but make it your friend :)