Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sss ... Run time!

Today is father's day! Happy father's day to my amazing dad. One of my fondest memories is seeing him demonstrate trampoline tricks to my daughter last year ... In his 60s! That's how i want to live my life - fit, agile and full of life!!

Happy father's day also to miss e's dad. You rock. You are the king of quality time with her ... She and you always seem to be having adventures. And because of you - fit, healthy, active is what she knows! Happy father's day!

Anyway ... Onto my run. Today is my SSS. In this case it's a super sunday session since saturday was my rest day. I had no plans ... Just knew I wanted to find some hills. No idea on distance. No idea on time.

Right from the start the run felt good. Really good. During the first 3 k I was running a lot faster than I expected. And it felt so strong. I found a new route and was really enjoying the change. Their was still enough cool breeze to make it pleasant. It was great.

Then I went hill hunting. And I found me some good ones.
One question I have is, why do photos of hills always make them seem less steep than the reality?
I'll admit it. This hill beat me. I walked up the last steepest section. But that's ok. Now I have a new challenge. Watch me push hard all the way up in week four!

Right up to 7 k it felt awesome. I thought I could run forever. And then the headwind hit.
But I got through, despite an ever tightening right hamstring. And a twist tp my ankle at the end.
And I felt on top of the world!

It aint pretty ... But if you're still pretty at the end you didn't try hard enough!

My garmin ripped me off 10m! I swear it was 10km! Either way I'm claiming it.

The overall pace is a bit slower, but I'm ok with that. It was a much harder route ... And did I mention those hills??

Bridge to Brisbane .. I feel a whole lot better now! I might be almost ready for you!

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  1. Good on ya Kath - great workout - that hill looks long and brutal!

  2. Liz long and brutal! You got it in one!! It was an awesome workout tho... I feel alive now ... Pity about the 8 hr shift im about to attack

  3. I'm so proud of you! I have fond memories of your dad from school :)