Monday, September 12, 2011

And we have KICK OFF!

Yesterday was day one Round 3 for

The beginnng of the next part of my journey!

Honestly - it wasn't nervewracking, or filled with excitement. It was just the next step. It was continuing what has become a new way of life.

BUT - there was some trepidation in the air.

Yesterday was also the first day of Lean and Strong for me.

This round is less about weight loss, more about strength, empowerment, and muscle definition.

And I am scared.

You see - I don't like the "grown up" weights area. I like my little ladies only gym with no big hulking gym monkeys hanging about and leaving ridiculous amounts of weight on the equipment.

And I love my cardio. I get a real high from a great class. Or a big run.

But I am going to do it.

Even though my comfort zone is going to get smashed to pieces.

Day one was a success.

I swapped my days and did biceps, back and chest. Legs needed a break from Bridge to Brissy.

It wasn't bad.

I was able to go heavy on all my weights. And I managed to fit it in while Miss 6 was at Gecko Kids so we both won.

Then I went back to zumba and did MOST of the class. My head and heart weren't in it. The 3am Bridge to Brissy start caught up on me.

The food - was delicious. Focusing on protein at snacks really helped the hunger.

I'm calling day one a success. But what made it most amazing, was looking at the excitement of all those new to 12wbt this round! I love it causeI know their life is about to change big! How much fun is that!

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