Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday done and dusted!

Our gym doesn't have pump ... But it does have group power.

I haven't been for a while ... The time of day made it hard to get there over winter with miss 6 ... But today the gorgeous spring weather made it easier.

I trained hard, lifted heavy in squats, lunges, and shoulders... And am feeling it now!

What I really loved was catching up with three other local 12wbt girls at the same time!

It is amazing me how much my body is changing ... I may not be losing weight, but I am looking stronger.

I followed up Group Power with zumba.

Love to do this to start a week! Zumba on Monday doesn't even feel like exercise ... Some time I even feel co ordinated now days!


  1. Well done!

    I did Zumba today as well. It was my third lesson and I'm loving it. I'm doing 'pump' tomorrow, but at my gym it's called Power Bar?!! (Go figure!?)


  2. Good stuff...yeah I love zumba it's so fun!